Goodgames' Fair Stand GDC / Gamescom 2014

Design for Goodgame Studios' 2014 b2b fair stand at the Games Developer Convention (GDC) / Gamescom in Cologne. In teamwork we create a unique look for the fair stand while teasing visitors with abstracted graphics from the latest game. The "low poly style" was visually such a strong design that it influenced the company's corporate design later that year.

Exhibition Design, Creative Direction, Branding
Plan sketch for the booth. Overall measurements: 9.5 m x 6.2 m
We wanted to tease visitors with Goodgame's latest game Shadow Kings. The design idea for the B2B fair stand at the GDC / Gamescom 2014 is to abstract the original character design to a "low polygon style". We put that to the limit by cutting the artwork on the back wall into 22 pieces that are only fully visible at a certain point in the alley behind the booth. 
The front side follows this idea and the stand opens up. Steles on both sides allow visitors to sneak a peek at the what's going on the inside where screens with in-game videos and a playable demo on tablets offer a closer look at the game. Two rooms in the back, a coffee bar and some stools offer plenty of options for a talk with PR and the developers.
Overview of all segments (36 printed PVC foils + extra solid colored PVC foils and 1 acrylic Logo) that were assembled on location except from the small segments at the back wall. That parts were pre-foiled at the production studio.
Below: 3D Renderings to get a better understanding for the proportions and the fractured artwork on the back wall.